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Market will pop if Trump appoints Romney to his cabinet OpEds

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russel 2000, S&P 500and Nasdaq — four key market indicators — all reached record highs. Those market moves exemplify what has confounded financial prognosticators since Nov. 8 every bit as much as the political...

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Can Trump’s “Change” Do Some Economic Good? OpEds

Sitting in a media green room shortly before midnight on the evening of the election, I queried Google for a quick check on global markets and was shocked by the rapid decline. Whoa! From Asia to the US, markets were tanking...

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Politics and Prose

With all the violent campaign rhetoric we’ve heard, what would happen if Donald Trump suddenly changed his tone and denounced all the nastiness that has transpired? What would occur if he publicly stated, “I have to tell you. Secretary Clinton is...

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