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About Bart Chilton

Bart continues to be an unconventional, experienced and entertaining voice in financial regulation, policy and politics.

Ponzimonium by Bart Chilton
Market Moves / TV

We’ve Learned from Being Burned As a former regulator, I know up close and personal how difficult it is to strike the right balance. When the US first implemented them in 2007, there were ripples in the US market and to...

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Consumers Get New Layer of Credit Protection Consumer Corner

Thankfully, fresh sweeping financial reforms and a new kid on the block are cleaning up a dirty and fundamentally flawed financial system that impacted nearly everyone for years. Since the 1980’s, virtually everything purchased by everybody on credit (a student, car...

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Watch out! Holiday scams are tricky this year Righting Regulation

Be extra careful of scamsters during the holiday season. Online international investment schemes promising unwitting investors outstanding returns, but instead causing tremendous personal monetary loss, abound. Some even have names that sound legit. Remember the popular for ex-trading site SecureInvestment.com? Despite...

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Contemporary Cool Stuff / TV

Global regulators are moving to ‎address how contemporary markets are morphing with the advent of automated trading. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed their approach in November of 2015–which included many of the proposals for years by Commissioner Chilton…but they...

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Dodd-Frank is alive at five OpEds

The Dodd-Frank Act (the 2010 Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act), is not only alive at year five, but it has thrived. That’s despite repeal and roll-back efforts and some sluggish regulators (only 65 percent of the 400 rules are...

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Financial Poetry / TV

As a frequent guest host on business television‎, sometimes there is time for less hard news commentary and a little fun. Commissioner Chilton invented “financial poetry” which he often includes in his speeches. In this rare video, he recites a poem...

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