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Bart may not have physically been at Hong Kong Blockchain Week, but the RT News Boom Bust host definitely made his presence felt in day one. Through the magic of TV, Chilton – in his usual, high-energy style – extolled the various virtues of blockchain, its potential applications, and compared it to bamboo.

It was great, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s Chilton’s presentation called “Blockchain Dreamers & the Properties of Bamboo:”


  1. RIP Bart! I really enjoyed watching boom bust. You always had great content and I loved your vast experiences that you brought to the show. Your fintech knowledge was vast and you made a great journalist. I will miss you.

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  3. […] thoughts on various use cases and potential uses of blockchain — comparing it to bamboo — in a video at Hong Kong Blockchain Week called “Blockchain Dreamers and the Properties of […]

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