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About Bart Chilton

Bart continues to be an unconventional, experienced and entertaining voice in financial regulation, policy and politics.

Ponzimonium by Bart Chilton

Sometimes, particularly during election silly season, when candidates complain about this, that and the other thing, we fail to recognize how good we have it. Such, I believe, is the case with our economy. As Joni Mitchell wrote, “Don’t it always...

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Politics and Prose

With all the violent campaign rhetoric we’ve heard, what would happen if Donald Trump suddenly changed his tone and denounced all the nastiness that has transpired? What would occur if he publicly stated, “I have to tell you. Secretary Clinton is...

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Dodd-Frank Turns Six: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly OpEds

The most expansive financial reform law since the great depression turns six on Thursday. For many, like Donald Trump who says he wants to “dismantle” Dodd-Frank, it has become a vehicle for political posturing due to what they see as a...

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New CFTC trading rule is ‘extreme overkill’ Market Moves

One would not expect Coca-Cola to divulge their secret recipe for the world-renowned soft drink…nor is it required by government. The same is true for other proprietary trade secrets and intellectual property. That, however, could all change by the end of...

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Financial Transaction Tax: A Failure In The Making Future of Finance

Negative consequences of the 2008 financial collapse continue to reverberate throughout the nation. There’s deep-rooted resentment and mistrust of those in the financial sector and politicians. As evidenced by the anti-establishment tidal waves thrashing both U.S. presidential party primaries, millions of...

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